Visit the most typical influenced buildings in Hoian Old Town via our half day of sauntering in Hoian Old Town. You will find many interesting things in this small town of Hoian.
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Explore Vietnam with the most rural way with our Vietnam homestay tours. You can experience homestay tours is Hagiang, Ninh Binh, Hoian, Mekong Delta… stay with the host between stunning nature of Vietnam.
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Restaurant and bar
Located on the second floor, our restaurant and bar offer the perfect spaces for guests to connect with their surroundings while savoring an incredible array of fresh dishes or simply relaxing with a drink.
While designed in very different styles both the restaurant and the bar have been created to ensure the ultimate in comfort, luxury and style. We want you to have an unforgettable cruise in Vietnam

This incredible sun terrace is a favorite of our guests and features our bar area. The space is arranged up to 10 sun lounges and areas shaded by umbrellas. this charming garden area is at your disposal anytime of the night or day and is the perfect place to watch the wonders unfold around you, enjoy a book or a drink or just relax and sunbath. Morning TaiChi classes are held here 

  • Kayaking
Probably the best way to explore the breath taking beaty of Halong Bay Vietnam while emphasizing on one's feeling of freedom amisdt a Natural Wonder. Thanks to the bay's thousands of islands the conditionsfor sea kayaking are ideal - the water is calm, the current is fine and wind is not too strong. Paddle through islets, visit hidden caves, lagoons, unspolled deaches and floating fishing villages and meeting smiling local fishermen.
  • Fishing experience
Glory Legends Cruises offer you a unique opportunity catching fish or squid when you have relaxed time after dinner. We will prepare special dish with them if you cath it. It will be wonderful memory on tour tour Glory Legend Cruises
  • Tai Chipractice
One of the most important points to Tai Chi practice is the relaxation of your mind and body. Choosing a quiet time and tranquil place with open fresh air is great factor to help induce the body into a balanced and meditative state